Financing & Leasing Options

If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.

Henry Ford

The 5 Questions to Consider When Making an Investment.

1. What do I need?

A seemingly simple question, but are you certain you know what you need or do you only know the problem you want to fix. We often have several solutions to the same problem because what is best for some customers may not be the best for you. Our wide range of equipment provides options for the best way to solve your specific problem.

2. Does it matter who I buy from?

Machinery should provide decades of dependable service. For this reason, it is important to look beyond price and quality of the machine.  Since a machinery purchase will create a long term relationship between you and your supplier, it is just as important to know the after sale service and support capability

3. Can I afford it?

Upfront and lump sum costs can sometimes be concerning to a businesses’ cash flow. Working with a leasing company with a payment program can ease the burden of that concern. We can work with your preferred lender or through one of our suggested lenders for competitive payment programs.

4. What should I consider when looking to purchase a machine?

Considering the purchase price of the machine is the most obvious but maybe not the most influential consideration. Some other details to keep in mind are the strength of the parts and service department; machine layout; dust collection; electric need; pneumatic requirements; as well as the value of future needs and room for growth.

5. What if I don’t buy it?

It is easy to see the cost of the machinery investment with the upfront out of pocket expense. More difficult to quantify are the potential damages or losses that are a result of not buying something you need. In some cases when investments are not made companies can experience loss in market share, loss of competitive advantage, and the accrual of the costs associated with required daily distractions. These type of threats are often just as impactful to the bottom line and even though difficult to quantify should be considered. Henry Ford said it best “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it”

Leasing Contacts

Northtech offers the following third party leasing contacts for the most aggressive and competitive rates and terms. 

 Centra Funding LLC 

 Centra Funding LLC is committed to providing organizations simple, quick and competitive capital equipment financing.  Click the button below to take the next step in financing your Northtech Machine, LLC purchase. 

Equipment Finance Services (EFS)

Financing & leasing options for established and new businesses. Pay for your machine as it makes you money. Less money down than getting a bank loan. No blanket liens in you company assess.

Stearns Bank

Minnesota-based Stearns Bank National Association is a $2.2 billion, independently owned financial institution with locations in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, and over 33,000 small business customers nationwide, in every U.S. state.