Edge Sanders

Northtech edge sanders have a single sanding belt above a chrome table that allows operator manual control of edge and face sanding. Machines can come with single or double work tables for multiple operators and higher production with the same machine. End Tables allow for inside radius and smaller part sanding. Most commonly used for the smoothing of joints on wooden and metal assemblies.

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  • Northtech Machine ES43 Curved Part Edge Sander


    NT ES43 4 Sided Straight and Curved Part Edge Sander
  • Northtech Machine NT-ES1248SE Edge Sander


    NT-ES1248SE EDGE SANDER SINGLE TABLE Northtech offers a large family of industrial grade ...
  • Northtech Machine ES1260DE Edge Sander


    The NT-ES1260DE offers a 12" x 60" sanding area on both sides of the machine ...
  • Northtech Machine ES1648D Edge Sander


    NT-ES1648D EDGE SANDER DOUBLE TABLE Northtech offers one of the largest selection of ...

Showing 1–4 of 13 results