Transfer Blowers

Northtech transfer blowers come with a heavy-duty base, welded housing and balanced fans for long life in production applications. We offer direct drive units for simple product movement, as well as belt drive units for more customer specific fan speed control. Larger units come with prewired control boxes and soft start assists. Most commonly used as standalone units to blow dust or as the power source for filtrations systems such as cyclones or bag houses in any dust producing operation.

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  • Northtech Machine NT-TB1 Transfer Blower


    The NT TB1 is our smallest direct drive transfer blower at 1HP. The powerful ...
  • Northtech Machine NT-TB15 Transfer Blower


    The NT TB15 is our 15HP direct drive transfer blower. The powerful direct drive ...
  • Northtech Machine NT-TB15XL Transfer Blower


    The NT TB15XL is our 15HP belt driven transfer blower with a fabricated ...
  • Northtech Machine NT TB2 Transfer Blower


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    The NT TB2 is our 2HP direct drive transfer blower. The powerful direct drive ...

Showing 1–4 of 7 results