Dovetailers are used for corner assembly of solid wood and panels. Northtech is the industry leader in innovation by offering the simplest, most functional and easy to use dovetailers available. Mechanical and CNC movements allow for customizable profiles with minimal set up. The iDovetail provides real time 3-D renderings instantly as you change dimensions, showing the output before any product is ran, eliminating costly set up times and mistakes. Up to 8 different modes of dovetail patterns with unlimited profiles. Most commonly used in cabinet and high-end case good manufacturing and assembly operations.

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  • Northtech Machine DTM16M Manual Dovetail Machine


    NT-DTM16M DOVETAILER MANUAL The NT-DTM16M is our entry level dovetail machine. This ...
  • Northtech Machine DTM480 Dovetail Machine


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    NT-DTM480 DOVETAILER The NT-DTM480 is our single spindle semi-automatic dovetailer. This single spindle indexes ...
  • Northtech Machine DTM600CNC Dovetailer


    NT-DTM600CNC DOVETAILER Northtech's DTM600CNC is our single spindle CNC dovetailer with 24" working ...
  • Northtech Machine DTM700CNC


    NT-DTM700CNC DOVETAILER Northtech's DTM700CNC is our single spindle CNC dovetailer with 27-1/2" ...

Showing 1–4 of 7 results