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The NT UCS18R-AS Up Cut Saw is a popular saw for cutting aluminum. Upcut Saws house the blade inside the cabinet of the machine and use a double action cylinder to hold and cut the product safely. Right handed Up Cut Saws have the blade on the right side of the machine as you face the front of the machine and material is fed from the left to the right. Using a 18″ diameter blade the UCS18-AS has a capable 2″x12″ cut capacity in a small footprint making it ideal for smaller to midsize parts. The UCS series boasts some noteworthy features over competitive models with an improved dust collection system preventing the need for daily blow out under the machine and it also comes with a full length fence and backer to prevent blowout on the back side of the part. This machine also comes standard with stroke speed control, emergency stop, safety switch, guarding, foot operation, blade misting, and stroke adjustments for the blade and the top clamp making it ideal for aluminum. The UCS18 has several available options such as two handed cycle operation, infeed/outfeed tables, chromed machine table, air/hydraulic stroke cycle, and safety interlocked cabinet doors for restricted operator access.

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